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October 18, 2017

Harris County, TX – In commemoration of National Pro Bono Week (October 23-29) Lone Star Legal Aid (LSLA) honors Harris County Attorney, Ricardo Menjivar with a special 2017 Lone Star Legal Aid – Houston Pro Bono Award.   LSLA Pro Bono Awards recognize attorneys, law firms, and community partners who donate their time and legal expertise to ensure that all eligible residents within its service area have equal access to the courts and legal representation.

Every year, LSLA branch offices are invited to make special awards to pro bono attorneys whose efforts cannot be captured well by statistics. This year, LSLA – Houston awards a Dedication, Persistence & Success Award to Mr. Ricardo Menjivar for his dedication to his clients and persistence in overcoming numerous obstacles which resulted in a successful outcome that substantially improved the lives of his pro bono client and her children. This especially vulnerable client and her children were trapped in a domestic violence situation. Through his dedication and persistence, Mr. Menjivar showed his client’s abuser that the long arm of the law could and would overcome his attempts to thwart the litigation and would take some of his assets for the support of the family.

A solo practitioner, Mr. Menjivar has been a member of the Texas bar since 2013. Mr. Menjivar will be formally recognized on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, during LSLA’s 2017 Pro Bono Award Reception in Houston. His hard work and dedication on behalf of low-income area residents will be commemorated with a certificate of appreciation from LSLA signed by Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, Court Liaison for the Texas Access to Justice Commission, and LSLA’s C.E.O. Paul Furrh, Jr.

Lone Star Legal Aid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit law firm focused on advocacy on behalf of low-income and underserved populations. Lone Star Legal Aid serves the millions of people at 125% of federal poverty guidelines that reside in 72 counties in the eastern and Gulf Coast regions of Texas, and also 4 counties of southwest Arkansas. Lone Star Legal Aid focuses its resources on maintaining, enhancing, and protecting income and economic stability; preserving housing;  improving outcomes for children; establishing and sustaining family safety and stability, health and well‐being; and assisting populations with special vulnerabilities, such as those who have disabilities, or who are elderly, homeless, or have limited English language skills. To learn more about Lone Star Legal Aid, visit our website at

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