When Kimberly Miles, Fair Housing Manager at Lone Star Legal Aid, listened to the stories of deplorable living conditions at the Coppertree Apartments in Houston, she took action. Representing numerous tenants, Miles partnered with the law firm of Daniel & Beshara, P.C., and together they filed suit against HUD and Coppertree Apartments.

Read about HUD’s failing inspection system that has resulted in rat bites, rodent infestations, mold, collapsing ceilings and floors, and a host of other conditions that endanger tenants and waste government funding intended to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing to struggling low-income families in ProPublica – “Pretty Much a Failure”: HUD Inspections Pass Dangerous Apartments Filled With Rats, Roaches and Toxic Mold.  The article describes nationwide efforts to hold HUD accountable for its failure to address the thousands of units that, despite being uninhabitable, receive HUD subsidies. This is the second complaint Miles has recently filed against HUD in Houston. She’s on a mission to clean up Houston’s sub-standard housing, and there’s plenty of work to do.