The COVID-19 global health pandemic has caused widespread damage, including damage to the economy, right here in the United States. Families are suffering. They are desperate for money, food, shelter, and now, they need benefits to feed their families and take care of their children. COVID-19 has impacted family life, but thankfully Lone Star Legal Aid can help families obtain public and medical benefits. 

According to NPR, the following key financial findings have been revealed for families living in the United States who have been affected by COVID-19:

  • 54% of households with annual incomes below $100,000 report serious financial problems, compared with 20% of households with incomes over $100,000;
  • Of households that include someone who has a disability, 63% report facing serious financial hardship, and 37% report using up all or most of their savings; and 
  • 22% of households in which someone has been sick with COVID-19 have had trouble affording medical care; 9% of households that have had someone sick with the virus lost their health insurance during the pandemic, and 7% didn’t have it even before the outbreak’s start.

Families who are experiencing limited availability of money, also do not have enough money to cover medical costs for their children. 

Lone Star Legal Aid has been focused on educating the community about their legal rights to public benefits during this time. Due to COVID-19, SNAP (food stamps) and Medicaid recipients will have their benefits renewed automatically. Texas is also allowing households to apply for SNAP without needing to complete an interview as long as they verify their identities. 

Medicaid and CHIP will also cover COVID-19 testing for its recipients. Your healthcare provider will work with local public health officials to determine if you should be tested for COVID-19. 

If you or a loved one are in need assistance securing public benefits, you can apply for free legal services by calling 1-800-733-8394 or by visiting our website at

For more resources, visit the Texas Crime Victim Legal Assistance Network.

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