The Civil Matters in Criminal Justice Project assists low-income Texans by providing free legal services focusing on the issues involved in post-conviction “reentry” to the community for individuals with criminal histories and at-risk youth in school disciplinary violations.

The project provides civil legal representation to people with criminal convictions to help them challenge and navigate barriers to their successful reentry to society. It offers a full range of legal services for individuals, including:

  • Assisting post-conviction clients with obtaining driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and social security cards;
  • Representing clients at Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearings;
  • Representing clients with occupational license issues at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations;
  • Assisting clients in accessing their criminal records;
  • Assisting clients in repairing inaccurate background checks;
  • Filing applications for non-disclosures to seal criminal records;
  • Filing applications for expungement to remove criminal records;
  • Representing at-risk youth in truancy violations; and
  • Representing at-risk youth in school behavioral violations.