The Environmental Justice Team of Lone Star Legal Aid (LSLA)’s Equitable Development Initiative has developed, in partnership with students at Georgetown Law School, an Environmental Nuisance Reporter to allow residents in LSLA’s 72-county service area in Texas to report odors, releases, water pollution, air pollutants, and noise from facilities in their neighborhood and to assist LSLA’s Environmental Justice Team in documenting community environmental concerns. With an absence of zoning in the fourth largest city in America, many residents of Houston, Texas live on the fence line of petrochemical companies, metal recyclers, concrete batch plants, recycling and waste facilities, and contaminated sites. These impacts regularly go unreported despite their frequency and health effects on the community.

Environmental Justice communities in Houston and beyond need a way to track and report out nuisance issues that they are seeing in their neighborhoods. After receiving a community member report through the Environmental Nuisance Reporter, LSLA’s Environmental Justice (EJ) Team may follow up with the individual, its community partners in the area, or engage with local, state and national regulatory authorities regarding noncompliance issues with the regulated facilities’ permits.

The Environmental Justice Team focuses on the right to fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens and the right to equal protection from environmental hazards. The EJ Team works directly with community groups and individuals who are living in socially vulnerable areas full of environmental injustices, such as an abundance of nuisance facilities and environmental hazards near homes, schools, and churches.  For more information, please contact 713-652-0077 ext 8108.

Links to the Environmental Nuisance Reporter