In reading the Disaster Website Design Team RFP, we noticed a couple of things:

  • Integration with LegalServer Pro Bono Module – Section C appears to have some overlap with the Pro Bono Portal functionality described in the Disaster Grant RFP.  
  • Start Up Guide & Pro Bono Training Materials – The Start Up Guide and Training Materials for FEMA related law seem like content that pro bono attorneys would benefit from having in Pro Bono Portal.

The above prompted the following questions:

1.   Would LSLA allow us to combine our responses to both RFPs in one document to describe a unified vision of the the Pro Bono Portal?

No. We respectfully request that you respond separately to each RFP. We will evaluate all responses to each RFP separately. You may describe your unified vision in one or both RFPs, and you may include within your budgets any cost savings you believe you will experience as a result of your unified vision.

2.  Are there additional factors, not included in the Disaster Website Design Team RFP, which necessitate the above mentioned features being separate and apart from the Pro Bono Portal project?

The Disaster Website Design & Expansion has an existing platform, ProBono.Net (PBN), and the audience is disaster survivors nationwide. DisasterLegalAid.org was built on the ProBono.Net (PBN) platform. Any proposal submitted for the redesign and expansion of that platform should address coordination with PBN to expand the tools on the existing platform, or alternatively address another method of transferring existing available data to a new platform that will contain content and functionality consistent with the RFP. The proposal should identify the costs associated with the selected course of action.

The Statewide Pro Bono portal is a blank slate and the audience is Texas Hurricane Harvey survivors. The content created for the DisasterLegalAid.org site may become a resource on the Texas Pro Bono Portal, as would other disaster recovery resources available from other sources.

3. What is the anticipated award date/start date for the project?

The award/start date will depend on the number of responses to the RFP. Once a successful candidate has been selected and a contract negotiated, LSC will review and approve the contract. We anticipate that the start date will be on or before April 1, 2019.

4. How in depth do you want us to go with the pricing? Is just a sense of the team strength we think we would need for this project and a sense of fixed cost per sprint (2-week blocks of work) for that team strength be sufficient? 

The successful candidate should present a budget/pricing in sufficient detail to support the proposal. We require that pricing be itemized by work delivery package or other measurable commodity. If “fixed costs per sprint” meets that requirement, it is acceptable.

5. Would there be a dedicated product owner on your team?

If “product owner” is defined as the ultimate authority/decision maker on this project, that is a function of the 3 Project Directors at LSLA, LANWT and TRLA. Day-to-day decision making will be by, or coordinated by, the Project Manager.

6. Would branding be part of the scope of the project?

Branding is integral to the Texas pro bono portal, in order to maximize usage of that element.

7. We’re assuming that content creation (videos, documents, podcasts, etc.) is out of the scope of this proposal, is that correct?


8. It is assumed that this project will be a mobile responsive web application, with components that are available in other mediums, such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, etc.  We are assuming that there will NOT be a native application (ios or android) as a part of this project – is that correct?


9. Would you consider integration of existing tools for the portions of the project?

Yes. The successful candidate will identify and include the cost of acquiring/using an existing tool in the budget.

10. For the Legal Server APIs, would we be simply responsible for coordinating with LS’s team on requirements and logistics, or would we be building their API functionality for them? We understand that we would be building the endpoints for the LSLA side. 

Legal Server will be responsible for building the API on its side, and the successful candidate will be responsible for coordination with LS’ team on requirements and logistics.

11. Would the proposal need to include long-term maintenance and hosting estimates? If so, for what period of time?

Long-term maintenance and hosting will ensure the continued usefulness of the project to Texas disaster survivors. The successful candidate will provide pricing for maintenance and hosting for one year after the end of the project.

12. Is August 2020 the public launch date or private beta in order to train staff, etc.?

August 2020 is the end date of the project. All work must be completed by that time.


1. The RFP states “Include an estimate of the hours you believe it will take for your team to complete each phase of work.” Can you clarify what is meant by “phase?”

We would appreciate an estimate of the hours you believe it will take your team to complete each Objective (1-4), for each of the four six month periods of the project (months 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, and 19-24).

2. Objective 4 in the RFP doesn’t have a similar level of decomposition of the tasks as the other objectives. Will Objective 4 need to have a similar level of project management as the other objectives?

No, because Objective 4 does not include the two Texas Partners. It is not as complex as Objectives 1-3, and it does not depend on technologies not yet developed.

3. Is it okay if my resume is included as an attachment to the RFP (and not inluded in the 10-page limit)?



1. Would switching to the Drupal CMS platform be an option?

We have not selected a content management solution and we are open to suggestions from the successful candidate.

2. For the “FEMA Clinic in a Box” component: 

Will this need to be a separate web application from the main DLA website, or would you all prefer to have it integrated into the new DLA website? (A standalone version for use by other legal aid organizations can still be provided in this case)

We prefer that the “FEMA Clinic in a Box” be integrated into the new DLA website.

3. For the “Networking & Outreach Support” component:

Will the vendor need to provide the staff for these items, or would partnering with an organization like LSNTAP be an option?

We are open to suggestions from the successful candidate about how to accomplish the “Networking & Outreach Support” component of the project.