Whether fire, flood, hurricane or something else, a major disaster causes problems for months, even years, after it hits. Lone Star Legal Aid has extensive experience helping families in our service area and relocated to our service area in an evacuation as a result of a major disaster.We have put together some information that may be helpful to you before and after the event.

Before the Disaster: Prepare

Hopefully, you are reading this before a disaster has hit your area. If so, here are some materials that may help you avoid or reduce the damage a disaster can do to those who are totally unprepared:

Are You Ready? In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness

After the Disaster: Recover

When large disasters strike, those who survive rarely think about needing legal aid. They are focused on medical treatment, shelter, food, transportation and communicating with family.But a number of things you will need to do have legal consequences or at least have legal options when you need them.

Here are documents to help you learn about your legal rights after a disaster:

VOLUNTEER – Tropical Storm Imelda

Disaster Resources for Pro Bono Attorneys

Lone Star Legal Aid is one of a number of organizations that support www.TexasLawHelp.org.  We post our community education materials on that site as a public service.

Other links to recovery programs can be found on https://www.disasterlegalaid.org.

By going there, you can find links to resources such as disaster unemployment assistance, FEMA assistance, IRS tax relief for Harvey survivors, replacement of SNAP benefits, Texas Attorney General Guidelines to avoid disaster scams, and much more.

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