Domestic Violence – Finally Free
Connecting Texas Kids to Coverage – Child Denied Medical Benefits
Connecting Texas Kids to Coverage – Pregnant Teen in need of Medical and Nutritional Benefits
Family In Need of Health Care Benefits to Cover Deceased Child’s Medical Bills
Domestic Abuse and Divorce – Mother and Children Feared for their Lives
Tax Fraud and Identity Theft – Daughter Frauds Father Out of Receiving his Stimulus Check
LSLA Helps Veteran Receive Custody of His Four-Year-Old
Domestic Abuse and Suicide – From the Outside Looking In
FACES OF EVICTION AND HEALTH CARE -Family Illegally Locked out of Home and in Need for Health Benefits
Domestic Violence and Child Custody Visitation – Police Officer Abused Pregnant Girlfriend
COVID-19 Faces of Eviction – Texas Eviction Diversion Program
Disability Abuse and Identity Theft – Legal Aid Saved his Life
COVID-19 FACES OF EVICTION – Marine Veteran’s Guitars Returned with LSLA’s Help Resolving an Unlawful Lockout
Sex Trafficking – She was Already in too Deep
Invasion of Privacy and Racial Discrimination: Violation of Constitutional Rights in Housing
Probate & Public Benefits – Holistic Legal Services
Domestic Abuse and Stalking – The Advice
Child Sexual Abuse – She Is Safe Now
Teen Dating Violence – Walking on Egg Shells
Tax Identity Theft – Innocence Affirmed, Debt Relieved
Domestic Violence and Arson – A Man with a Fiery Temper
Child Neglect and Domestic Violence – Safety is a Top Priority
Veterans (Family Law) – Hawaiian Modification
Identity Theft – Financial Eligibility & Identity Restored
Child Neglect – A Chance at Life
Healthcare – Coverage by Medical Necessity
Domestic Violence – Filing for a New Life
Nondisclosure – Put The Record Straight
Nondisclosure – Winning a contested case
Disaster – There’s no place like home
Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault – She Had Enough
Disaster – Personal Independence Restored
Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault – A Journey to Safety
Tax – A Million Dollar Tax Story