Kacey was well in her pregnancy when her aunt promised to help her and her boyfriend Trevor with the coming of their new child. They were excited to have a nurturing home to bring their child home to. After Kacey and Trevor moved into her aunt’s house though, Trevor began getting close to her cousin Juliana. Juliana was not even a teenager at the time. He initiated what was later discovered to be a sexual relationship by protecting her, speaking for her and taking care of her. She had not admitted this to her parents at the time, but she felt emotionally attached to him, almost like if he were her boyfriend.

Everyone went to the hospital for Kacey’s newborn baby, excited to meet their new family member. Mrs. Williams, Juliana’s mother, noticed she was displaying unusual behavior. She seemed agitated and would not interact with Trevor. Mrs. Williams began to connect the dots and had a suspicious feeling about Trevor. Later that day, Mrs. Williams learned that Trevor had sexually abused her daughter multiple times. 

“He manipulated her by telling her he loved her and wanted to be with her,” Mrs. Williams said. “He promised her that when she got older, they would run away together.”

The county victim services unit referred Mrs. Williams to Lone Star Legal Aid should she or her daughter need any additional help. Mrs. Williams and her husband wanted to make sure Juliana never come into contact with this man ever again. LSLA got Juliana a lifelong protective order which prohibits Trevor from communicating with her, using third parties to communicate or physically coming into contact with her. Once Juliana turns 18, she has the option to see Trevor in which she would have to file a new motion with the court. 

Trevor has been in jail now for 5 months awaiting trial. He is facing life with or without parole depending if he is convicted on one or both charges. They both thank LSLA for their support during this emotional journey. 

“Lone Star Legal Aid was amazing and the process was so quick. Our attorney never questioned what we wanted for our daughter. She got us the lifelong protective order we needed to keep her safe.”

Juliana is now safe from her offender and is protected under law. “I feel safe because now he won’t be able to hurt me, my family or future families,” she commented. She knows how dangerous he was and has been reassured he will not be able to violate her anymore. 

* Names were changed to protect the identity of the individual(s).