Being verbally and physically abused is a difficult affliction to tolerate. Being stalked and not knowing when your stalker just might show up is even worse. It causes fear and takes a mental toll on the victim.

Cody met Delilah in high school but their relationship did not take off until they reunited 23 years later, after Delilah divorced her first husband. The beginning of Cody’s relationship with Delilah was easy, they got along and were happy, but he soon came to realize Delilah was hiding behind a mask of aggression. As their relationship continued, Delilah’s true colors began to show.

“She would verbally and emotionally abuse me by trying to scare me into things. It was straight manipulation,” Cody said. “She didn’t display these behaviors at first, but then she slowly started showing this other side of her.”

They dated for six years on and off,  all the while she controlled Cody and was unfaithful. “She was always aggressive. She would punch me in the face in front of my friends, jump on my back and choke me, and spit in my face. I had to walk on egg shells around her because I never knew what was going to happen.”

Since they had a continuous on and off relationship, Delilah would call Cody’s place of employment and harass him. She sent harassing email to his manager by hacking his accounts.

Cody ended up quitting and transferring locations but Delilah found him. She took extreme measures and went to every store within a 60 mile range to find him. Cody felt he couldn’t escape her.

He could not take it anymore and feared she might show up anywhere he went so he called Lone Star Legal Aid for legal guidance. The attorney assigned to his case gave him safety planning advice that would prevent further contact and communication with Delilah as well as help keep his whereabouts private.

“I was advised to block her from all platforms, change my number and change all passwords on my social media and email accounts. It has been helpful in keeping me safe from her.”

* Names were changed to protect the identity of the individual(s).